Something About Nudity in the Kitchen

William Greenfield

The contrast of stainless steel to ample breasts
far out trumps a sheer negligee and fluffy pillows.
The marriage of derrière to cherry wood
is an unexpected pleasure, like finding
Ben Franklin in a pair of worn and fading Wranglers.
No violins.
No scented oils.
The hum of the dishwasher
is pornographic foreplay.
I have got to find a new place
for this fucking spice rack.
Counter space is at such a premium.

Winner of Storyteller Magazine’s People’s Choice Award in 2012, WILLIAM GREENFIELD has had poems published in numerous literary journals, including The Westchester Review, Carve Magazine, The East Coast Literary Review, and others. After a long career in federal service, he is semi-retired and resides in Liberty, NY.