Issue Eighty-four, November 2016

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Hyena, Hyena, K.C. Mead-Brewer
“Over the next three months Libby woke up first without a right ear, then without a right hip, then without a right breast, and then without a left hand. She didn’t feel the creature’s teeth when it came upon her in the night.”

The Fortissimo Peacock, Caleb Echterling
“It was 3:17 a.m. when the curtain fell on the peacock’s nocturnal aria.”

Coldcut, Lisha Ruan
“The apples drip like paper / onto a bony stomach”

The Elixir Witch, Rachael Sterling
“The Elixir Witch only accepted three forms of payment: IOUs, heirlooms, and secrets.”

Pollo: 43rd and Chestnut, July to October, 2015, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella
“Sometimes Pollo was in the lot near the mural, the one that has mosaic tiles on the building that caught fire in 2012. Right by our apartment Pollo would hide in the bushes and make chirping, dinosaur sounds. Whenever we walked past his hiding spot I’d grip my boyfriend’s side and hiss, It’s him! It’s him!

Cover art: The One That Got Away, Coyle Parker