Issue Eighty-seven, March 2017

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Snowball Wants to Go to Outer Space, Line Henriksen
“Snowball wants to go to outer space. ‘The stars,’ it says, as Limping Lotta looks at the void opening at the tip of her toes. ‘They’re made of fire!'”

We’re Not Dangerous, Sharon Mertins
“I could feel it, inside me, like the beating of a drum that got louder and louder in my stomach, announcing, no, warning that something was being disturbed. That something was lurking out there. That it was coming and it was not far.”

Were It So Easy, Zachary J. Donnenberg
“Caterpillar fingers barely clasped his pacifier. His onesie hid his larva toes. It was two in the morning and this baby was calm, playful, happy.”

Cover art: Save Us/Take Me, Joseph Brooks