Exponential Apocalypse

“This debut novel is utter insanity, and it definitely owes some inspiration to Douglas Adams, albeit with more ‘f-bombs’ and hookers than I recall seeing in the Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s a fun read that at times comes up with some fantastic bona fide sci-fi settings and ideas, in spite of its own absurdity. After reading Exponential Apocalypse, I’m convinced that Eirik Gumeny either is a genius or is absolutely as mad as his brain-addled version of Quetzalcoatl. I’m guessing it’s the former, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to his next work, if he doesn’t end the world once and for all first.”
Jason Dorough, Fandomania

“The social satire brings to mind Vonnegut, T. C. Boyle and the Marx Brothers, not to mention the Three Stooges. … This book is recommended for anyone who takes their apocalypses and zombies seriously, and for anyone who doesn’t.”
Alex Austin, author of The Red Album of Asbury Park Remixed

Exponential Apocalypse is crass, ludicrous, and occasionally nonsensical.
It’s also hilarious and entertaining.”
– Nathaniel Katz, The Hat Rack

“Eirik Gumeny writes with a sharp sarcasm and wit that I love. The entire book is absurd to the point of being profound.”
The Word Zombie

“I really enjoy a pseudo-intellectual, practically blasphemous laugh from time to time.”
eclectic / eccentric

“Fast, weird, and funny as hell.”
Victor David Giron

“There will be puns.” – someone on Amazon

There had been twenty-two apocalypses to date. There were now four distinct variations of humanity roaming the earth – six, if you counted the undead.

It had been suggested that there really should have been a new word to describe “the end of everything forever,” but most people had stopped noticing, much less caring, after the tally hit double digits. Not to mention the failure of “forever” in living up to its potential.

The last apocalypse wasn’t even considered a cataclysm by most major governments.

It was just a Thursday.

Exponential Apocalypse is the tender, heart-stirring tale of crappy jobs, a slacker cult, an alcoholic Aztec god, reconstituted world leaders, werewolves, robots, and the shenanigans of multiple persons living after the twentieth-aught end of the world. Fast-paced, frenetic, funny, and frequently fond of other f-words, Exponential Apocalypse is the only book that will have you looking forward to the end of the world.

Exponential Apocalypse is currently available for sale from Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, and many other fine internet retailers. You can also snag a digital copy for your Kindle here if that’s your thing, or a DRM-free ePub or .pdf here. Be the envy of all the neighbor kids!

You can find an excerpt from Exponential Apocalypse here. We hope you enjoy it.