One of us, gooble gobble . . .

JDP Nov 2015 coverWith Thanksgiving lumbering toward us like a fat feathered dinosaur, we are pleased to present three stories about family and two stories about food in Issue 72.

In Chelsea Hanna Cohen‘s marine creation tale, an axe-wielding dad indulges in corporal punishment on “Sedna’s Hands” with surprising results. Maria Pinto describes a peculiar (and heartbreaking) “Response to the News,” and C.B. Auder explains, in a surreal way, why “We Cannot Become What We Need to Be by Remaining What We Are.” Anthony Cordello explores the unique dangers of being a “Dishroom Supervisor” in a Chinese restaurant; meanwhile, Marcel Harper drops a hell of a secret ingredient into the chili in “Heatseeker.” This month’s delicate Doggie de los Muertos cover art was created by the exquisitely named Loulabelle Hales.

Masticate it online or slurp the .pdf. And don’t forget to leave cranberry-sauce handprints on your front door, unless you want Turkasaurus devouring all your leftovers and half your children while you sleep.

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