Hold on to your swollen gourds and plumped hazel shells . . .

JDP Oct 2015 cover‘Cause the October issue is in the chair, folks. (Apologies to Keats and Gaiman.)

Welcome to issue Seventy-One! This month is also our sixth anniversary, which has us so excited we just peed a little. (For you mathemagicians frantically gesticulating in the second row, the issue count is off because we briefly flirted with going quarterly during a transitional phase in 2011.)

We are deliriously happy to welcome five new voices to our warm electric pages. Matthew Myers kicks things off with demented and nightmarishly detailed directions to “The Best BBQ in This Town.” Next, Brian D. Morrison explores the bucolic longings of Mary Shelley’s tragic creation in a poem that perfectly complements the season. Shannon Noel Brady keeps things moving with a sweetly sad flash piece in which a spoiled child’s destructive greed is observed from an unusual yet familiar vantage point. After that, Michael Berkowitz finds a surprising impermanence of place in “Paper Cities.” Closing out the issue is Chad Schuster, who spoons up a “Taste of Fame” that packs the sort of BAM! you can’t get from an ordinary spice weasel. This month’s delicately creepy cover art slid from the talented mind and fingers of Jakub Gazmercik.

Ogle it online or pluck the .pdf.

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