Chill out with the August Issue

jdp cover aug 2015We originally hoped to find a few stories featuring la petite mort for issue sixty-nine, because our sense of humor is highly sophisticated. What we present here is less petite, more la mort. Ah, well; c’est la vie. Or, you know, not. However, what we actually ended up with is better than what we thought we wanted, as is so often the case.

Jill Hand’s “Incident at Ong’s Hat” is a thoroughly Jersey story. Michael Díaz Feito’s “Yoel the Chickenkeeper,” uses vivid imagery to tell a brief, sad tale. Taylor Putorti’s “Transition” guides you through liminal space, and Susan Kaempfer’s “Spawn” explores unusual life choices and their effects. Allina Nunley’s “Scorpion Midnight” soothes with death’s sweet sting. Lastly, William Ables’ “Western Dark” lets you ride along on a supernatural road trip. Our own Samuel Snoek-Brown did the on-theme cover art this month, so make sure you check that out, too.

Slice it online or dice the .pdf.

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