The July Issue Is Here

American_pigWhile the fourth of July is traditionally the day on which we Americans commemorate our liberation from the Island of Soggy Bread Desserts by wolfing burnt hot dogs in hideous lawn chairs and playing drunk bocce, we JDP-ers like to extend the celebration of independence to include free thinking and a general lack of adult supervision. In that spirit, we present writings from two authors new to our pages and three who have been spotted here before. Stone Showers pits a city boy against an ornery porker named Hellraiser. Anna Lea Jancewicz shows how quickly things can take odd and uncomfortable turns when we ignore parental advice. Anton Rose offers a lyrical description of kitchen sorcery. Gary Moshimer introduces us to an undead exotic dancer and the man who loves her. Nikolaj Volgushev shares the story of a man whose waking life is disturbed by his subconscious forays into masonry.  There’s also delightful cover art from Jon Snoek, because your summer can never have too many dinosaurs.

Read, enjoy, share. And when it’s time for your Bastille Day festivities, follow Troy McClure’s advice and use caution around fireworks; they are the silent killers, after all.

Ooh online or ahh at the .pdf.

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