Seth Simon



“Kneel,” by Seth Simon



SETH SIMON is a New Jersey-based photographer and sound composer. In his photographic practice, he uses vintage film cameras to achieve unique images that preserve a sense of history. His photographs have been selected for numerous print journals and exhibitions. He is also a composer of sound for experimental films that have been screened at major museums and festivals worldwide. You can see more of his photo work at and his film projects at

The Satanic. Satan Sowing Tares

Felicien Rops



“The Satanic. Satan Sowing Tares” (1882), by Felicien Rops (public domain)



FELICIEN ROPS (1833-1898) was a Belgian printmaker, and illustrator know for his work illustrating poems. Playing primarily with themes of sexuality, motality, and the darker sides of religion, hizs work eventually inspired artists like Edvard Munch. This lithograph, from his 1882 series Les Sataniques, illustrates a Biblical parable, imagining Satan planting evil in a European city.

Born on the 5th of July

JDP cover July 2017Pop them tabs (or bust out them bottle-opener keyrings, if you only drink craft brews named after local landscape features), throw something on the grill, and kick back with our ninety-first issue. It’s got tricksy wordplay and trusty appliances. It has short-form sci-fi poetry. It also has a tentacular Christmas story, because we don’t adhere to society’s rigid and confining seasonal norms. And remember: in space, no one can hear you float.

Slap it online or tickle the .pdf.

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