May, We Present

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“May” suggests potential paths, offering not the certainty of resolution but the allure of possibilities.

In this spirit, our eighty-ninth issue grapples with some tough questions. What have you lost? What if the circus didn’t have to die? What was Mary Jane Kelly like before she met Jack the Ripper? What’s in the box? Why aren’t you a spoon? Does this month’s cover art include an ouroboros?

Scry it online or summon the .pdf.


Skyler Darshini Freimann


"Unity," by Skyler Darshini Freimann

“Unity,” by Skyler Darshini Freimann



SKYLER DARSHINI FREIMANN is a retired mental health care practitioner and an award winning, published photographer. She is a lifelong student, practitioner and teacher of spiritual traditions. Among her publications are the books Ring of Dreams, a California Living Book, and One With The Sofa, a Taoist Guide for the Physically Challenged, available at Her mandala designs on t-shirts and greeting cards can be found at Skyler Darshini lives in the Northwest with her human and animal family.


Chris Beetow

"Rope," by Chris Beetow

“Rope,” by Chris Beetow

CHRIS BEETOW is an illustrator living in Wisconsin. When not working in her studio she can be found outdoors, usually doing something dangerous and ill-advised. Her work is available at