June Eccles-Locke


"Panic," by June Eccles-Locke

“Panic,” by June Eccles-Locke


JUNE ECCLES-LOCKE is a Chicago-based musician, producer, writer, and occasional visual artist. They began experimenting with visual media more recently, and consistently repurpose physical objects for use in their acrylic and oil paintings. Their central themes include: mental disorders, queer politics, and various sciences (biology, chemistry, neuroscience, etc.). Personal experiences with panic disorder, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and sleep paralysis have bled into the canvas, as well as the music June has recorded. They now have three self-composed, self-performed, and self-produced albums available for listen: “caricature of space,” “cinematic superstar [ep],” and “dark side of the son.” All three are available on bandcamp ( and soundcloud (


Jonny Lindner


"UFO," by Jonny Lindner

“UFO,” by Jonny Lindner



JONNY LINDNER is a digital artist living in Germany. Much of his work available under Creative Commons licenses at Pixabay: