Yoel the Chickenkeeper

Michael Díaz Feito

Yoel the Chickenkeeper jostled cherry-red canisters into the coop. His sick chickens jigged suspiciously. In a cone of their patinated eyes, UV rays flecked like epilepsy. Yoel sighed and said, “You see more of things, Pipa, Claudia, Fea, Loca, and the rest of you. Pero . . . la gripe, concho.” If he had read the classics, Yoel might have lamented, O coffee-sweet chickens, more than my eyeballs I’ve loved you! But he didn’t. The fire extinguishers frothed the coop, a smothering meringue.

MICHAEL DÍAZ FEITO is a Cuban American writer from Miami, Florida. His work has been published in Mangrove, The Acentos Review, Jai-Alai Magazine, theEEEL, and Axolotl (forthcoming). He currently dwells in Inwood, Manhattan, with his girlfriend Naomi and their dog Finn.

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