Issue Sixteen, January 2011

In A Pinch, Eric Westerlind
“Mr. Pinch rubs at his neck, feels the bump there, remembering the slight sting of what he’d thought, walking through the tunnel before, had been insect.”

Brown and Green: A Love Story, Hobie Anthony
“At home, Brown enjoys a view of the city and keeps a small tabby cat happy and alive.”

The Unanswerable Question, Answered, Aidan Ryan
“This junior junior researcher delegated the task to a still-lowlier researcher and instead devoted his valuable time to researching Irish whisky.”

If No, Then Else, Brian Hurrel
“And at first I knew not, for there was only 1 and 0. On and off.
Do or do not. There was no ‘Why?'”

Jenny, Jozelle Dyer
“With no one else left to eat, and the long days passing slowly, the zombies in town were getting playful. They would ring the doorbell and run quickly to hide in the bushes.”

Apocalypse Wow!, Ken Brosky
“Motorcycles? Occasionally. A truck pulling a boat? Once in a while, on a crisp Saturday morning in the summer. But not a horse. Not a guy sitting on a horse.”

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