Issue Fourteen, November 2010

The Pragmatist, Hilary Gan
“Death checked his watch. ‘You’re about to have an aortic embolism.
Well, in like ten minutes. I came early.'”

The Ballad of Done Me Wrong and Maybegirl, Sandra Bazzarelli
“Maybegirl could have up to fifteen poems scrawled on her skin in black ink.
The ones she didn’t like she washed off in the shower at night.”

The Rodeo Clown, Annam Manthiram
“When I shoved the curtain aside, I saw that he was fully dressed in the manner of a stereotypical clown, complete with a red bulb nose, pasty white makeup, and a curly yellow wig.”

The Seven Stages of Sorrow, Michael Frissore
“I told him it was just God’s way.
God needed a hot, twenty-year-old college student and for Jay to be miserable.”

That Was Called Love, Chloe Caldwell
“I tell him I’m hungry. I tell him that my stomach is empty. He tells me I live in New York.
He tells me to get used to it.”

2 thoughts on “Issue Fourteen, November 2010

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  2. My favorite issue since my last favorite issue of JDP. Seriously outstanding work from start to finish. Plus at least two Bob Dylan references. Love suits the Jersey Devil.

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