Issue Two, November 2009

Sister, Meg Tuite
“I was fifteen, after all, and if something was happening in my room I had to give myself time to hide whatever it was I wasn’t doing, and give her time to conjure up the worst of worst fears about what I could have been doing.”

Foreign Exchange, Julie Brown
“There is nothing creative about harboring jealousy in relation to one’s sister. Believe me, I know. The lack of originality is, quite frankly, embarrassing.”

Of Seagulls and Fishes, Sonny James Traylor
“Then God sounded like a woman.
‘Get up and fight you lazy, Irish bum!’ she screamed.”

English Degree, Ryan Werner
“I bet they don’t teach how to write a cumshot in MFA workshops. Not on purpose, anyways.”

Thinking Man’s Metal, Tom Mahony
“I hesitated. It sounded simple enough. But nothing was ever simple with Joey involved.”

Bound, Richard Radford
“‘A few years ago, I was just like you,’ Bernie said. ‘I was fearful! I was angry! I was ugly! I was crippled! I was poor!'”

Exodus, Milan Smith
“Brindle heard whispers in the barn, like voices in the stalls, but she knew the stalls were empty. Then the whispers grew loud and clear and they became words.”

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