Issue Three, December 2009

Formula Romance, Caru Cadoc
“At first, when the flurries still dominated the news, reporters had rushed out in heavy gusts to be filmed with backdrops of whirling pink.”

Gnosis Kardia, Eliza Kelley
“I look at the rails and wish they were steel, polished with the hospital smell that is invisible but everywhere, like the tension keeping my head from falling into my hands.”

Time Machine, Anne Wagener
“The stranger wears a black trench coat and an unsettling expression.”

White Hallways, Victor David Giron
“All she could recognize was the shape of a crown. Latin Kings. There was a time when Maria could have deciphered all of the letters.”

The Boy Who Threw Rocks at Trains, Gavin Broom
“Over by an old cement factory silo, is, in fact, a boy:
skinny, dirty blond hair, around ten years old.”

You and Me and the End of the World, M. R. Lang
“‘It’s the end of the world. Of course you’re going.'”

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