Issue Seventeen, February 2011

The Monster at Baggage Carousel #3, Matthew Bey
“Most of the face and some of the breasts retained a striking resemblance to Elle,
but the rest of it had mutated monstrously.”

The Fortune Teller, Carol Deminski

“‘I’d like a reading,’ he said.”

Space Creature Versus Earth Creature, Kenyon Ledford
“Cymor, short and handsome, with the head of a praying mantis
and the eyes of an atomic goat, sneered.”

Courting Aleksandra, Mark J. Reagan
“‘Let’s just be enemies.'”

Out of Sight, Out of Time, Timothy Miller
“It was the kind of place whose patrons owned Buck knives
and referred to anyone with a full set of teeth as a ‘city fella.'”

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